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Am I ready for a serious relationship yet?

by Peace Whisperer
ready for a relationship yet

Are you single and have been wondering what it is like to be in a relationship or maybe it’s been long time since you were in your last relationship. Well, we are here to help you out with the question that might have been popping around in your head lately. Let’s not waste much time and come to the answer of this not so reasonable question.

Have you considered your present scenario?

What are you doing with your life lately? Are you a student or an employee? How many hours a day you are free and ready to devote that amount of time and energy into a relationship? Do you think that soon there is going to be a major change in your life like moving out of the town or taking admissions in a completely different state?

If, your life is in a transitional phase I would suggest that you should drop the idea of a relationship right now. Trust me, you do not want someone to become an obstacle for you and your future life right now.

Are you ready to commit?

Do not consider yourself ready for a new relationship unless you are absolutely over your ex-lover. Make sure he/she isn’t in touch with you right now. You left that relationship; you are no longer a part of it – move on! Yes, you two can still be friends but that soft spot in your heart for your ex-lover can pretty much ruin things between you and your new relationship. Set the boundaries and learn to respect everyone. You certainly do not want to hurt someone new by going back to your ex. Nah! That’s highly unethical and immature.

Do not come in a relationship for the sake of moving on from a heart break. 

Now I know you just want to feel better and need someone to have your back. Everyone deserves to heal and everyone needs positive energy around them in days like these. But have you ever considered what would happen if you break a new and kind heart to mend yours? What if this cycle goes on? Then, everybody would end up blaming each other for their broken hearts and tired souls. I would suggest that you should look up to your friends and family instead of expecting a stranger to heal you. Remember, only you can heal yourself.

Do not accept a proposal for the sake of doing a favor or being generous.

If you fall into this category of people, you are really very considerate about the feelings of other people, I’ll give you that. You’re kind and don’t want to hurt the feelings of the other person but remember that you can end up hurting yourself as well as your partner. You must feel for that person truly just the way he/she feels for you and then only your relationship would be able to work out properly.

Well, I am no expert and everybody is likely to make a mistake, yet I shared with you the problems that I have sometimes faced in my life. Please consider everything – your mental, emotional and social health before throwing yourself into a relationship that you think would work out – but only it won’t.

Also, I wish you healing. XOXO

Admin @peace.whisperer 

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