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How to become an inspiration for others – Key to become an inspiration

by Peace Whisperer
How to become an inspiration for others

‘INSPIRE’- a small word with a broad and beautiful meaning. It fills you with the ability of achieving something great and unusual. This word has motivated a thousands of artists and is still motivating a lot more. The word ‘SPIRE’ means to build and if we break the word inspire it means that ‘I can spire’ hence “I can build.” I can build my dreams and am capable of doing something great.

We all need something, certainly a force that has the capability to motivate us to work on our dreams, our passion and become the best version of ourselves. We always look out for inspiration in order to get started. We look upon so many people as our idols who inspires us with their work or with their stories. And we must also know that our idol was also inspired by something or someone in his or her life.

Inspiration is of many types and it can come in any form, we just have to look out for it. It can either be a story or an incident or from the people we live with. Speaking of myself, if someone asks me; who would be the best example of inspiration then I would really point out my finger to my mother. I really believe that she is the one who inspires me every minute, every single day. However, I have been inspired by three different people in different ways. One inspires me with her devotion towards her work, the other inspires me to work effectively & efficiently and the third one inspires to me never give up. Whenever you are feeling low and certainly can’t find any inspiration just look upto your mother, you would surely find the way. “She is the key that can unlock any lock.”

Once we are able to find out our inspiration, it is totally upon us how we put it into our work. If we have been really inspired by something good then we surely would do great things but if we are inspired by something negative (though it can’t be really termed as an inspiration) then we would end up with negative results and ruining things. A true inspiration builds up a positive atmosphere around us. If we look out then we would find out that we are surrounded by so many positive things. Even a flower holds the capability to inspire a person because it depends upon the perspective of looking at things.

It’s okay to fail sometimes. It’s okay if things didn’t work out the way we wanted them to be. But it’s not okay to give up on things you have put so much effort into. With every new day coming up you can always start over. The sun rays brings hope, develops new thoughts ,creates new inspirations and of course provides you extra strength to fight back. So never demoralise yourself. The right attitude of never giving up can become an inspiration and can change your life.

Also, if you have been inspired by someone in your life then do the honours of becoming an inspiration to someone else. Be the force; so that when people look at you then they can proudly say “I never gave up because you inspired me not to.”
The force of being a source of inspiration to others would drive you towards your goals & always remember that nothing is more beautiful than inspiring someone.


Author:-  Manwi
Insta ID:- ktanushree0507

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