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HUMAN GOD – The real situation of doctors and other frontline workers during Covid-19

by Peace Whisperer

‘DOCTOR’ – Who is this person? Someone who helps us without any selfishness or someone who treats us without thinking of our cast or religion. Today when the whole world is going through such a tough situation, these doctors and other frontline workers are the ones who are doing their work selflessly without thinking about their own lives they are saving others.

There is a common saying,”doctors are the second God for human beings.” But today the situation is that it feels like God has come on the earth in the face of doctor or other frontline workers. The way they have always done their work is commendable. Their dedication towards the work and country is respectable. When there is a battle on the field we look for our soldiers and today when there is a battle with a virus we are looking for the doctors and the frontline workers.

There used to be a time; if the medicine did not work then the doctor used to say,” Now they need more blessings than medicine.” But today the condition is just the opposite. Now we need medicine so that everyone’s life can be saved. They are working day and night to save our lives. They are doing their work selflessly to save you, to save me, and to save the world. They are not thinking about their health and safety but are just doing their duty for the people and the country.

But after doing so much for us what are they receiving back? Hatred, stone- pelting, and insults. Are they doing their duty to get these things in return? The clear cut answer to this question is – a big NO. The incidents that took place in our country are shameful. How can we do something to a person who is away from his home and is doing his duty just to save us? These doctors and other frontline workers are doing all this for no one but us. In return, they jusy seek respect and support from us. They want us to be safe so that we may not get infected from this corona virus.

Today, we are aware of the importance of doctors and other frontline workers. If they have not been with us in such a tough situation, we would not have been able to fight with the virus. If you want to become a doctor (if you genuinely want to)and if anyone says,”why everyone wants to become a doctor?” then just tell them,”if a situation like this ever happens in the nearby future (let’s not hope so), either God will help you (the one sitting in the heaven) or these Gods (in the form a doctor) would.”

Just remember that these people are away from their homes and family to save and help us. If they wanted, they could have stepped back from their work but they did not. Only because to serve and save the nation is a priority for them. They are doing this for us, so let us give them love and affection from our sides. Do not disrespect them; instead show them gratitude.

And to the people who are hurting them, don’t forget that someday you would have to pay back for your deeds. If you can do anything good for these people then I would request you to do it. Please support them and listen to them. Neither insult them nor show hatred towards them. Respect them and their work because every small contribution can help us to overcome this hard situation. Celebrate their work by saying a big THANK YOU 💜 with a beautiful SMILE on your face.

Author:-  Manwi
Insta ID:- ktanushree0507



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