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Is Arrange marriage better than Love marriage?

by Peace Whisperer
Is Arrange marriage better than Love marriage?

Being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, it can give you butterflies in stomach, take you to seventh heaven and might give you a lifetime full of happiness. Yet, why do people prefer arranged marriages and why do they give up on what they might have referred to as “most amazing feeling on earth” at some point in their lives?

The answer is as complicated as the question itself. You can love someone eternally yet never find them suitable enough to fit into your particular lifestyle or you are unable to adjust yourself into their world. Well, here are several reasons why people prefer arranged marriages over love marriages :–

Different Background
While some people may find it amusing to learn new things from a different family background but for some people it can be really hard to adjust themselves in a different place – socially and culturally.

Arranged marriage is basically two people from similar family backgrounds marrying each other as it is easy to cope up and adjust in the long run.

Self-Respect – A major influence
While most of the people tend to lose their self-respect for the sake of pleasing their partners because they do not want to let them go. No matter how high the amount of toxicity is present in their relationship,yet they just don’t want to give up.

There is an ever ending list of compromises from an early age say from 19 years; or even earlier for some couples. The pressure of pleasing is real! Some people learn these things at an early age and hence they dodge the bullet of compromising that comes along with the tag of ‘loving relationship’.

Is Arrange marriage better

Whilst society or family should never be the reason why you give up on someone you love. Still,some people find it embarrassing and give up on their relationships too easily. Well, you must not be in a relationship in the first place if your intentions are to never marry that person.

Dating for the sake of pleasure or for maintaining asocial status is not as cool as you might think it is.

Higher Divorce rate of Love Marriages
In India, the divorce rate for Love marriages is higher than that of Arranged marriages. Let’s not just leave it to that but let’s look onto the real scenario and try to find out the cause for it. Why is it so?

– As a consequence of an immature decision —
In the early stages of a relationship, love tends to give more butterflies than it would ever give in the later stages. Everything seems so beautiful because of its newness, the excitement of being with a totally new and different person. Hence, people tend to make an irrational decision and get married, let’s say within 6-8 months of dating. Um, guys you need to calm down a bit and understand your partner mentally as well as emotionally before taking it to the next level. Decisions that are made without thorough understanding of something are nothing but a MISTAKE.

– Love makes things happen —
I have met couples with no job and no place to live to be madly in love and marrying each other within the span of a few months. People need to understand that Love alone can not fulfill your basic requirements; for example it would never provide you food, you would have to work to earn your bread.

It has become a real necessity for the modern generation to understand the fact that there is nothing wrong in marrying the person you are in love with rather it is the most amazing thing that can happen to you. But please consider every situation before you take this step. You don’t have to be rich. You just have to be mentally and emotionally strong to understand what the other person expects from you in the long run. Be considerate before you carelessly ruin someone’s life merely for short-lived pleasure.

If, you know it in your heart that you would not be able to manage it or you know that you would have to sacrifice more than you have, then please don’t opt love marriage. It would not hurt the society or the people but you & your partner.

“Life is not a teenage drama” & only you would be responsible for the consequences it would bring along.

P.S. I would love to hear your thoughts. Please comment in the comments below and let me know what you think about it. Are you in the favour or against of love marriage?

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