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“My 3:00am thoughts”

by Peace Whisperer
3am thoughts

I am writing this at 3:00 am so that I am able to deliver my raw thoughts straight into it.

Feelings at 3:00 am are different from the feelings that we have throughout the day, some might say that it is due to the change in hormonal level and other scientific stuff and I do not deny.

Yet, what is it that makes you ponder profoundly onto your life when everybody else falls asleep? And the scenerio is likely to be a lot more relatable when you have a crush; or if you just broke up; or if you are going through a rough patch in your relationship. Maybe something that you expected didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to be. Or you were too busy to notice that the golden opportunity that you’ve been waiting for forever was right in front of you and you’ve lost it. Who knows what’s going on inside our brains? Who is to blame?

Well, what actually happens?

Digging down deeper it’s all about the amount of pampering and attention that you seek and get. You’ve been carrying the weight inside your head for too long and one day you are just unable to fall asleep.

First of all, you’ve been really tired from the busy day you’ve had and want to take rest. Secondly, the weight that you’ve been carrying for so long has piled up inside your head and is now too heavy to just mess around with. But somehow you still try to put it off for some other night. Listening to songs, playing games online, binge watching web series is not going to help you in falling asleep, instead it raises the stress levels as our brain is occupied with more information rather than being in a relaxing state. We just keep on feeding it with information to such an extent when it finally gives up and that’s exactly when you start getting dizzy.

I am not sure about what you might be thinking right now; but as of my experience I can surely state that just when you feel that your life is not in your control anymore, and it is getting too hard to make things right is when your emotions gives up on you and perhaps the waterfalls begin. You have been feeding yourself with so much information and you didn’t realise that you need to slow down and take time to heal and enjoy yourself. With the faux-busy schedules there is no time for self love in our lives.

What I am trying to convey is for you to loosen up a little, let your brains relax for a bit and give yourself a good ‘me time’ because your thoughts and emotions are highly connected with your daily thoughts and lifestyle.

Fill yourself with positivity and joy. Don’t worry I know things might not be in your favour right now but what I am sure about is that they won’t be the same forever. And tomorrow you’d regret that you wasted your time thinking about something that doesn’t even matter today. I wish you healing and probably a better sleep.

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