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Real Talk on the current situation and it’s consequences

by Peace Whisperer
Talk on COVID 19
What do you miss the most in this quarantine?
Do you miss running wild in the field of flowers with no care in the world? Or do you miss the tight hug from your someone special? Is it the city life? The morning rush with a cup of coffee in one hand and a toast in the other? The Hustle? The noise of people on the road?
The beaches or the mountains or is it some other place where you always used to go?
The taste of your favourite cuisine? A walk down the lane? Sleepover at a friend’s house
Well, I miss all of this. And as a matter of fact I know that when I had the chance of living it all, I didn’t appreciate it enough that time and now I miss all of it. I miss travelling. I miss breathing in the fresh aroma of new destinations. Being a huge believer of karma; I believe whatever is happening around the world is nothing but the collective Karma of humans.
Real Talk on COVID 19
The earth is sending a message; loud and clear.
I’m sure once all of this is over we will all get to go out and do whatever we want to, but till then; a moment of introspection, if you will.
Humans need to understand that whatever caused this situation is in the past and there is absolutely no need to bring it up now and argue over it because it can’t change the past. What lies ahead of this is bigger than what has happened. How we choose to make changes in our daily lives is bigger than that. Because by the time we step-out, the nature would have probably taken a step forward and flourished again, and if we keep making the same mistakes, none of this would make sense.


Everything happens for a reason. Actions have consequences.
We will get to experience everything again. We will step out and go to our favourite restaurant, to the movies, to different cities and countries. We will be able to hug people, hold hands with them. We’ll be able to admire a stranger’s smile in public again. Nothing is greater than nature demanding humanity from humans.
Try to become a better version of yourself because you are unique and you are an integral part of nature, no one can be you. Nature doesn’t ask you to learn new skills, all it wants from you is to have some humanity!


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