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To cheat or not the cheat

by Peace Whisperer
To cheat or not the cheat

You know the answer already. Don’t cheat. Period. But I’m not going to preach those same words. Cheat if you must. Don’t cheat if you can. Well, I am going to ask you first. Have you ever cheated on your partner?
If not, then I certainly would want to inform you that the feeling can be inevitable and it can haunt you for as long as you stay in that relationship. You would be willing to leave the person so profoundly; regardless of the fact that you love him/her. Due of the fact that you cheated once – without getting caught is going to jeopardise you inside out. But if you have cheated already how’s it going out for you? I hope you remember how it felt to go through the most complicated phase of your love life.

Cheating is easy…
For the most of you… If you’re flirting with someone outside of your relationship, it seems quite easy with a smooth pace, going step-by-step – Leaning towards one another, you feel quite happy with what you have with this other person. Their attention makes you go crazy and nervous at the same time, thousands of butterflies fluttering in your stomach.

It’s only a matter of time, when you start slipping off from your boundaries and watching that happen without being caught is… Awesome!
The sexual tension tends to increase and you are officially now in the middle of a relationship and a fling or what may rather be referred as a fantasy; at least for the initial phase.
If you have never been on this rope of tension, I would personally recommend you to ’Try and don’t jeopardize your partner’

Falling for the other person…
What seems to be an affair in the beginning can totally turn out to be more than just a sexual arousal, it can be as complicated as actually falling for that person. When you are with them everything seems so fresh and sparkly. You eventually would notice how your actual relationship lacks all these qualities. You might as well have a feeling that you are happier with this other person so you end up falling for him/her or maybe it can be too complicated that you fall for two different people at the same time.
In most of the cases, people cheat because of the sexual arousal but once you are done, you would find yourself in a position where there is absolutely nothing to feel or think but guilt and remorse. You would want to turn back the time when everything was less complicated.

People even make a commitment to themselves but cheating is like a drug, you would eventually be wanting it again after a few days. On the other hand, you might be at  little peace knowing that your actual partner is unaware of what you did; yet in your own heart you would hate yourself for doing it.

To cheat or not to cheat?
The only answer is… You certainly would cheat if you want to. It’s fun and easy these days but is it actually worth it? Let’s consider few situations here; would it be okay with you if you found out that your partner has been cheating on you? Would you ever be able to forgive them after what they did? I suppose that you know the answer to these questions already.

What to do?
Consider your options properly, look out for other options before laying into someone else’s bed. You might not really want to hurt your lover – only for the sake of a mere fantasy. Think not from your sexual drive but your brain. If you actually want to be with someone else then make it clear before hand to your partner. Tell them that you don’t want to hurt them or simply you don’t want to be with them. Yes, it would hurt a lot but it would hurt a lot less than them actually finding out about your affair. Try to be honest and you would find yourself in a better and healthy state of mind.

Think about it, make up your own mind. But always remember the consequences – what you’d gain and what is at the stake of losing.

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