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To seek approval isn’t my thing anymore

by Peace Whisperer

When I was young I always sought validation from people around me, and I’m pretty sure you too at some point did. It would make me happy knowing that people find me fine. I would get uncomfortable in my skin if someone doesn’t approve of what I am wearing. Sometimes I’d go on staring myself in the mirror – isolating myself from the masses. It looked like I was wrong or was doing something wrong if someone didn’t approve of it. I have spent my teenage in seeking validation because yes, that’s what our society think is an ideal thing to do.

The day you realise that you are uncomfortable in what you wear and maybe you might look better in something different from this crap, is the very day you stop seeking approval. Not seeking approval never means that the society won’t accept you. Also, it doesn’t mean that your shorts should be shorter than someone else’s shorts. One should always be comfortable in his own skin with whatever they wear, there is no competition between being comfortable and being fashionable; these are both two completely different zones. Get your priorities straight!

There comes a judgment threshold where people might judge you, criticize your choice or even label it as worst, but always remember that these are the same people who were once criticized by other people about their dressing sense, and they just try to bug everyone else to feel better about themselves. This cycle tends to repeat all over again. Hence, it shouldn’t bother you in the first place.

Always remember, that no person who so ever is perfect. Everyone has their own flaws. We are humans raised to reason, what good would it be if we stop reasoning? The answer is inevitable. Some people dress to impress while others might dress to express – who are we to criticize others, when we aren’t perfect ourselves.

One must hate judging as much as one hates being judged. 

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